clap your hands if you’re bisexual, asexual, or any other sexual and get erased by both the heterosexual and homosexual community

“[Hoechlin] talked about the scene with Scott and Derek in the loft, where Scott sees the gun on the bed. He said that he believes Scott does care for Derek. “That’s what that scene was about.” During one of the takes for that scene, one they ended up not using, Posey played the scene with Scott crying. He said Posey was very intense and emotional, he worked hard on the scene, and Tyler thought it was an important moment to show how Scott did care for Derek. But “they” (the director/writers/Jeff, ) didn’t like it so they didn’t use that take. Both Tylers were very disappointed they didn’t use it in the final cut.”

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I feel personally victimized by this decision.

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Favorite Sterek Fics: I Should Meet You Because I Love You by derekstilinski

Derek and Stiles meet online, and then in real life.

You meet him yet? Is he a total letdown? You need me to come beat his ass?

“Who is it?” Derek asks quietly, light green eyes looking up at him.

“M-My Dad.”

“Asking if… I’m a letdown?”

“He’s protective. And he sort of doesn’t believe in all technology… A-And, at a time, he thought you were forty-eight and convincing me to do ‘naughty’ things in front of a webcam.”

“Oh, my God.”

“And then I ripped off my shirt and ran up to my room, screaming ‘he’s twenty-four and very nice!’. He didn’t bother me after that.”

This is Criminal Law 100, or as I prefer to call it, How to Get Away with Murder.

if you want minimalist/clean then: aryasnark, urie, crimical, cloudplays :)))))

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haha but skittles, where all that practice kissing finally pays off because someone at a party suggests spin-the-bottle. the boys psyching themselves up. this is it. capital The Moment.

but then ohfuck, scott is unprepared for the yucky feeling of seeing heather walk stiles into the greenbergs’ study, hand-in-hand. last sight is stiles giving him a salute and wink, right before she closes the door.

scott would like to know what the hell is wrong with scott. why does he feel like he did that one christmas, hearing gossip about “rafael’s shiny new badge and truck.” it’s this concoction of guilt and jealousy, and he can feel it spreading through him until he’s dizzy. at least he doesn’t know stiles’ friends well enough for them to notice he’s being weird. 

three and a half minutes, years later they walk out to actual applause, heather’s braid undone and stiles’ collar all stretched out and dumb looking. scott is just

gonna pick at the carpet and stare at his own crossed ankles until stiles wants to go—but then it’s his turn to spin and it lands on stiles, of course. 

scott moves quickly to the same room. he ignores all the hoots and “sloppy seconds!” and “ooh, heather watch out!”

stiles closes the door, and opens his mouth to say something he’ll never know, because scott pushes him against it, too loudly. he grabs some of stiles’ shirt and pulls him down into The Best Kiss, the ‘i know all the ways to make you moan’ kiss, the ‘i’m going to kiss you until all you’ll taste is me” kiss. stiles responds with matching enthusiasm, plus more.

he feels bad for the show, honest. that a part of him is so pleased to let stiles walk in front of him, lifting his keys, and offering a jumble of sorry, great party, something something curfew, around his bruised, well kissed mouth. earnest scotty trails behind, ducking his head in shame for his behavior—shame that conveniently hides the blooming hickeys on his jaw and neck.

at least he doesn’t know these people. 

quick send me some good theme makers?

there’s this kid at my school. he’s an upir. [ an upir? ] yeah, but I don’t think he knows it himself. he has a sister, she isn’t upir. i don’t know what she is, she is so big she fills up a doorway. they’re the godfrey’s. their family seems pretty fucked up.